Mr Sharky "The Fallen Angel" Keycap for Mechanical Keyboars, Resin Shark keycap



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    Imagine that you are in an ancient temple, surrounded by stone statues. In a corner, you see a figure that stands out above the rest, not because of its shapes, but because of the disturbing aura that surrounds it. He is Mr sharky in his version "The Fallen Angel".

    This alternate version of Mr Maw's famous shark is styled in stone carving, giving it a regal and elegant look. With intricate floral patterns intertwining across his body, Mr Sharky "The Fallen Angel" makes a stunning and unique keycap.

    What is most striking is his threatening expression. It's easy to see why this handcrafted Mr Maw key represents Lucifer (the fallen angel)

    Despite his intimidating appearance, there is a certain beauty to Mr Sharky "The Fallen Angel". His deep black eyes seem to contain hidden secrets and mysteries, and the stone effect on the rest of the body gives it an unusual and interesting texture.

    If you are a collector of unique and fascinating pieces, Mr Sharky "The Fallen Angel" is a must-have addition to your collection. With its unique design and careful craftsmanship, it's a piece that will definitely make your keyboard the center of attention.


    • Handmade product.
    • Made with Photopolymer resin.
    • Handmade Paint.


    • This cap has sharp edges, which can cause damage to fingers!!!
    • Valid for Cherry Mx switches and clones.

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  • Reviews

    overall a piece of art, crafted with stunning level of detail. It really feels every step of the way, from the ideation to the delivery, was executed with the utmost care.

    Unique sculpt for the keycap and hand painted details are beautiful.

    ! ! ! ! !

    The fallen angel series are my favorites so far, so pretty! 🖤

    La calidad es una maravilla, un nivel de detalle tremendo, la verdad. Recomendadísimo.