Mr Claws "The Cat" Keycap for Mechanical Keyboars, Resin Cat keycap.



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    Imagine that you are in a dark night, and suddenly, you feel a silent and mysterious presence around you. You see the bright, piercing eyes of a cat lurking in the dark. His gaze is intense and mysterious, as if he knows something you don't.

    This is the inspiration behind the Mr Claws artisan keycap. Each keycap is meticulously hand-painted to bring the essence of the cat to life. From the details of his fur to the expression on his face, Mr Claws is a one-of-a-kind work that captures the essence of feline cunning and elegance.

    Mr Claws' smile may seem mysterious and enigmatic, but it is actually a representation of the cat's scheming and cunning personality.

    If you are a cat lover and like to add unique touches to your work or play space, Mr Claws is a must have in your collection. Being the faithful companion of Mr Brutus, they make a formidable team on your keyboard, accompanying you on your daily adventures.


    • Handmade product.
    • Made with Photopolymer resin.
    • Handmade Paint.


    • Valid for Cherry Mx switches and clones.

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  • Reviews

    I love my new friend. He is so cute and just what I needed for my keyboard.

    Looks fantastic, the attention to detail is amazing.

    Good looking cap and great fit to the switch stem