Mr Brutus "The Pug" Smiling Keycap for Mechanical Keyboars, Resin Pug keycap.



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    Imagine you are walking through a park and you come across an imposing looking pug staring at you. With his wrinkled muzzle and expressive eyes, it looks like he's trying to tell you something. This is the pug that inspired the creation of the handmade Mr Brutus key (My first artisan keycap).

    Each Mr Brutus keycap is carefully hand painted to capture the essence of this brave and loyal dog. From the details of his wrinkles to the expression on his face, Mr Brutus is a unique work of art that captures the essence of pugs.

    Mr Brutus's smile may seem cute at first glance, but it is actually a representation of the bravery and courage that these little dogs are capable of displaying.

    If you are a dog lover and like to add unique touches to your work or play space, Mr Brutus is a must have in your collection.


    • Handmade product.
    • Made with Photopolymer resin.
    • Handmade Paint.


    • Valid for Cherry Mx switches and clones.

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  • Reviews

    Looks fantastic, the attention to detail is amazing.

    Beautiful keycaps. Paint and finish is absolutely perfect.

    So much better than I could have hoped for!